Wolf Tattoos: Designs and Meanings

Emanuel Garm By por Emanuel Garm | Last update: 31 May 2021

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Tattoos represent your way of life. For many years, more and more people have decided to beautify their body, believing that body art is really important for their self-confidence. Nowadays, tattoos are very modern, hip and in style. And since you will have them for a lifetime, you should first consider wisely what the best tattoo is for you.

Here is the million dollar question: What design fits you best? You have a huge variety of designs available to choose from. Animal tattoos, portraits, figures, sayings, symbols or something else? Sometimes, making the right decision is really difficult. Will you get a serious or a funny tattoo? A black and white one or with colors? A small one or a big one? Not so easy right? One thing is for certain though. All tattoos have a great significance and impact and can be really eye-catching.

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Animal tattoos are very popular. It does not matter if we are talking about the head of a tiger, a butterfly or even a mouse. Animals are in. And if you are looking for great ideas, you can always rely on a wolf tattoo. What does it symbolize? Why should you choose it? In which part should you have it? All those and more can be found in this article. We have collected 85 wolf tattoos that definitely will inspire you. Take a look at our wonderful suggestions!

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Wolf tattoos: show your wild side

Animal tattoos are very popular. In order for them to be even better, animal tattoos are usually combined with other elements, such as flowers and trees among other things. The wolf, as a predator, symbolizes strength and masculinity. As a tattoo, the wolf symbolizes the following properties: freedom, wildness, pride, honor, stability and love of nature. This design can be represented very differently and thus it can have many different meanings. Some of them are the following:

- The wolf howling at the moon tattoo is a very impressive design that is used often.

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- The black wolf representing the dark side of the wolf. Because a wolf can be malicious, wild and dangerous. Black wolf tattoos are used as a symbol of rebellion.

- The Celtic wolf symbolizes family and strength and is usually combined with thicker lines.

- The lone wolf is a symbol of an iron will to dominate over life.

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Are wolf tattoos only for men?

Who says that wolf tattoos are only for men? They also suit women excellently and can beautify their bodies greatly. This is the reason that more and more women prefer wolf tattoos. Wolf tattoos appear in many variations and have no limitations. Wolf skulls (symbol of death), tattoos combining wolves and the moon, geometric wolf tattoos and many more are available for both women and men.

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Wolf tattoos come in all sizes, shapes and colors. In order for a wolf tattoo to be impressive, it does not need to be big and complicated. A minimalist wolf tattoo can be just as impressive as a large scale tattoo.

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