69 Angel Tattoos: designs and meanings

IsabellaIsabella Garm | 23 August 2023
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Angel tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos for both men and women. You can find innumerable and incredible angel tattoos for the entire body, even though unique designs for more discreet angel tattoos do exist. But we believe that an angel always looks more impressive when it covers a large area in your body.

The reason that most people prefer angels is because they symbolize beauty, kindness but also purity. For others it is a way to carry around their guardian angel who will protect them from hardship. However, alternative versions do exist; for example, tattoos with fallen angels.

Nowadays, tattoos are not simple drawings. People use tattoos to express their feelings and as representations of their faith and beliefs. The angel tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo ideas to express the love of God and faith. Angels are known as God’s messengers and as travelers between earth and the sky. Angels are guardians that have a human form and wings. They are God’s servants and there are many reasons for someone to have an angel tattoo.

Angel tattoos: different designs and meanings

Angel tattoos come in different kinds such as the angel warrior tattoo, angel-devil tattoo, baby angel tattoo, guardian angel tattoo and angel-death tattoo. Every kind of angel has its own meaning. Many of us love angel tattoos. They can be used as a symbol of protection and safety. Angels are the symbol of purity, beauty and kindness. Some of us believe that angel tattoos protect us from accidents and other physical harm or danger. Guardian angel tattoos help us against harmful and negative energy.

Angel tattoo designs are amazing and you have many options to choose from if you want to get a tattoo. Many believe that by having an angel tattoo they will be safe from diseases due to their faith in God. Angel tattoos are also popular for both women and men alike. One of the greatest things about an angel tattoo is its wings. Wings are the main characteristic. The angel tattoos look very pretty when their wings are open. Sometimes wings take over your whole back while some choose to have them in color.

As mentioned above, angel tattoos have many types such as: fallen angel, angel of death, etc. A guardian angel tattoo represents strength and power and many choose them to overcome their fears and be successful in life. An angel of death tattoo is used to represent something sad or bad. They are sometimes portrayed with their eyes blindfolded to represent injustice. Usually those tattoos are black and white and look awesome when they cover the entire back.

Last but not least, there are angel tattoos dedicated to mothers. They are usually in the form of a mother angel holding her baby to protect it. This is a great idea to show respect and love for your parent. No matter what the design of the angel tattoo you choose, just make sure to give it plenty of thought so as to express exactly what you are looking for.

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