75 Dog Tattoos to honor your best friend

IsabellaIsabella Garm | 23 August 2023
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Dogs are man’s best friend. If you love dogs you are probably going to agree with this. If you love dogs and you own one, then you will DEFINITELY agree with this. From the first day that we welcome them home, we start to create a special bond with them. There is a certain kind of satisfaction you get from a dog which is very different from the kind you get from your best friend or your other half.

Dogs keep you company during your most lonely days. They love you unconditionally even during your worst days. They are by your side until the end. Dogs are a very important chapter in our lives and like everything of value of us, they deserve a tattoo. It could be a dog paw, a portrait or even the date of their adoption. In this article you will find 85 dog tattoos from people that love dogs. Those designs will give you some inspiration in your quest to find the best tattoo for you.

Dogs are not only a pet. They are true companions and personify selfless love! This is why, many people, in order to honor their loyal and beloved friend, decide to get a tattoo.

Dog tattoos: meaning and significance

From ancient times to the present, the symbolic meaning of dogs and of their loyalty has not always been the same. Many experts believe that a big part of the meaning and symbolism of dogs lies in communication. Because they can communicate with us vocally and through their senses, this represents their main attribute. In terms of the metaphysical, dogs are thought to be a conduit between the natural and the supernatural. In ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, dogs were the guardians of the underworld. For instance, in Egypt dogs were associated with Anubis, a god that was responsible for watching over the souls of the dead. Dogs were buried in a ritual in the temple of Anubis so as to transcend easily to the afterlife.

If you are an owner and guardian of a wonderful dog that loves you unconditionally, and you are looking for a new tattoo to honor them, a great idea is to tattoo the dog’s name, paw, or whole body.

Especially in the last years, very clever tattoos, both small and large, realistic or in comic style, of dogs and their paws, have become very popular. A good and professional tattoo artist can even adjust the photo of your pet creating a design suitable for a tattoo. They can guide you or give you ideas so that the final result is technically and aesthetically immaculate and as realistic as you desire.

Another great idea is to get a print of your actual dog’s paw. There are applications that transform and turn dog paws into printable form for a tattoo. Sadly, most tattoos that are dedicated to our dogs are done as a tribute to them after they have left us. Their memory is forever etched on our bodies and becomes part of our flesh.

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