79 Great cat tattoos that will drive you crazy

IsabellaIsabella Garm | 23 August 2023
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A cat is a unique animal even though as a pet though it has its own rules. A tattoo inspired by cat can have many meanings. The first characteristic that springs to mind when it comes to cats, is independence. Someone who chooses to have a cat tattoo will certainly have similar properties of the unique personality that these great creatures possess.

Tattoos have existed for thousands of years and started somewhere in ancient Egypt. Reports say that pregnant women used to tattoo a small web on their belly the moment they learned about their pregnancy. As the baby grew inside them, their web stretched, symbolically protecting the baby in the uterus.

From ancient times up until today, tattoo symbols contain an entire story in many tribes. Tattoos have a hidden meaning that can act as a narrative for your life. Not only does a tattoo’s permanence add deepened meaning, but so does the process of getting a tattoo, which is a ritual during which you carve a symbolic ideal in your body. So, for those of you interested in having a tattoo, we suggest doing your research beforehand. Here, we present you with some of the greatest cat tattoos and their meanings.

Cat tattoos: different designs and meanings

- Cat paws: These tattoos are becoming more and more popular and have different meanings. Cat paws represent a cunning and smart person, depending of course on their size. Additionally, cat tattoos show a great love towards animals, the feeling of progress and moving forward in life. In Chinese and Japanese cultures, a cat paw symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.

- Black cat tattoos: Throughout human history, there has never been a more misunderstood creature than the black cat. In the Middle Ages and in Celtic traditions, black cats were considered to be harbingers of bad news, of the devil and generally, of evil things. People used to avoid them at all costs, even burn them as a means to ward off evil. For other cultures, though, black cats are a symbol of good luck while. Whatever meaning you want to attach to your tattoo, these are usually a symbol of femininity, mystery and power because black cats are closely connected with mysticism and pagan rituals.

- Cat eye tattoos: The eye, as a symbol, is generally considered to convey the meaning of the window to the soul. As far as cat eyes are concerned, people think of them as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and divinity. Along with black cat tattoos, they act as a conduit towards mysticism and bring their owners closer to the next life. A cat eye tattoo can shown your ability to see far beyond most.

Whichever cat tattoo design you choose, rest assured that it will reflect a lot about your personality. People will understand how deeply spiritual you are and how much you actually love animals and cats. So, give a lot of thought and attention to how you want your tattoo to make you appear.

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