80 Great butterfly tattoos: designs and meaning

IsabellaIsabella Garm | 07 May 2024
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Are you a tattoo aficionado looking for your next tattoo? We have 85 great butterfly tattoos suggestions that you are going to love!

Butterfly tattoos are really popular among women because they are beautiful, cute and incredibly elegant. They express the need for freedom and creativity but also the love for life. Their popularity is mainly due to their beauty and grace and the fact that they can be easily combined with many other impressive designs.

If you want to have a great small or big butterfly tattoo, just see the following beautiful designs and choose which one you want.

85 butterfly tattoos for your entire body

These tattoos look very pretty no matter where on your body you decide to have them. You can choose something more daring, like below your waist or something more romantic and cute by doing it on your shoulder or ankle.

Your tattoo artist can give you ideas about the ideal spot for you based on the design you have chosen. You can always combine it with some flowers and make it into a beautiful sleeve.

The fact that even the smallest butterfly in a tattoo makes it seem so attractive means that the design of those tattoos will always be popular, especially among girls and women. Besides freedom, butterflies symbolize beauty and happiness. Furthermore, in some cultures the butterfly is the absolute symbol of transformation and regeneration since it symbolizes the promise of a good life, possible through effort and knowledge.

Also, you can bring out the design you have chosen through the use of beautiful and bright colors such as orange or light blue. The technique and the method that you will use also plays a very important role. For instance, if you want a more girly result you can have a watercolor tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos: meaning and significance

In nature, butterflies are one of the greatest, more wonderful creatures. They start as caterpillars before they are transformed into beautiful butterflies. Due to this transformation, butterflies are often connected with resurrection and regeneration. Like the Phoenix, people use  the butterfly as a symbol representing the changes that they are going through and their triumph over adversity like a beautiful butterfly. In Christianity, the transformative powers of the butterfly are used to represent the way in which Christ resurrected and was raised to the sky. 

For many, butterflies are also a symbol of spirituality, beauty and love. In Greek, the word for butterfly is a synonym for the word soul. This word was chosen to honor the goddess of Soul, Psyche. For this kind of tattoo, the goddess is depicted with the wings of a butterfly. In Greek mythology, the goddess Psyche was married to the god of Love, Cupid.

Besides the notion of transformation, butterflies act as a reminder that life is not permanent. Everything constantly evolves and nothing lasts forever. Butterfly tattoos act as reminder to those that have them that even the best things in life wither in the end.

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