80 Lion Tattoos: Designs and Meanings

IsabellaIsabella Garm | 23 August 2023
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Lion tattoos, also known as Leo tattoos, are among the most popular designs when it comes to animal tattoos. People love lion tattoos not only because of their cool look but also because of their rich, symbolic meaning.

The tattoo is part of many cultures and civilizations in the world. In Egypt, Greece, India and even in the Mediterranean. The lion, as king of the animal kingdom, is connected with power, strength and authority. A person that tattoos a lion on his/her wants to signify that he/she is seeking strength and power as a means to earn respect. In Buddhism, the lion tattoo symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.

The majority of the lion tattoos are very realistic. Some are created in a more artistic or tribal style. In this article you can enjoy a selection of 85 awesome lion tattoos to choose from. The lion is a primordial symbol of strength and power. Many people connect to the lion because of those properties along with power, strength, courage, pride, wisdom and protection. Each one of those characteristics is unique for a person and this is why the lion is the most popular choice when it comes to animal tattoos.

Different types of lion tattoos and designs

1. Artistic black and white lion tattoo: many choose to have a black and white lion tattoo, especially on their wrist. It can be in a form of a geometric and symmetric design giving the impression of a mandala.

2. Shoulder lion tattoos for girls and women: A lioness, a tattoo generally seen on women, is first and foremost a symbol of protection and is generally preferred by mothers. A mother guards her children the same way a lioness guards her cubs. A lioness tattoo is a symbol of courage and strength and is a highly desired choice among independent women. The female lion is also known for its love of nature and the tattoo design seems to combine a mixture of all those properties through a softer representation of the animal.

3. Astrological lion tattoo: The Leo zodiac sign is represented by a lion. Many choose to tattoo this as a symbol of adventure and energy. Those born under this star believe that they are born leaders and want to highlight their properties as means to have a greater balance between work and personality.

4. Chinese lion tattoo: The Chinese lion, also known as Fu Lion or Buddha lion, is a tattoo design that comes from the Chinese culture. Also known as guard lions, they stand for protection and they are usually placed in front of Chinese temples to guard them. Today, this tattoo design has become a very popular choice among those that believe in the ancient tradition with some wearing it only as a decorative piece of art.

5. American flag tattoo with a lion: The American flag was always a symbol of strength and unity; a notion that is closely connected with the lion. Many choose this design as a combination of both meanings.

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