60 Life tree tattoos (with their meanings)

IsabellaIsabella Garm | 23 August 2023
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Do you like trees too? Trees are one of the most famous tattoo designs, linked with special symbolism as a source of life, inspiration and creation. In Northern Europe, Vikings used the tree in their celebrations as a symbol of regeneration marking the coming of spring and the regrowth of nature.

Its roots symbolize the experiences of our past and the basis for our life. The saps that flows through its trunk and branches are as necessary as the blood flowing through our bodies. It is also known as the Tree of immortality, God’s tree, the Tree of life with the symbolism remaining the same.

Tree of life tattoo: a symbol of life and power in all cultures

Tattoos have been the number one trend these past few years. Although they seem really cool, you have to give them a lot of thought. Having a tattoo is permanent, not only for your body but also because of its meaning. If you are looking for something that is everlasting and has magic powers, then choose a Tree of life tattoo. It is ideal for both men and women and looks very enticing. We have chosen the best 85 life tree tattoos for you and explained their meaning. Open yourselves up to being inspired!

The tree of life is an ancient symbol in many civilizations. It is believed that it links the sky with earth. The tree of life also connects earth with the underground and symbolizes rebirth and regeneration. People who believe in tattoos consider this tattoo to be a protective spirit. They also believe that this tree can change your life because it gives you positive power and strength. The roots symbolize birth and the branches death and a way of life. Also, trees are a symbol of gods in many cultures. In China, for instance, peach trees are considered a symbol of immortality. Life tree tattoos also symbolize fertility and the circle of life. If you identify with any of the above, then this tattoo is for you!

Life tree tattoo: a connection with nature

If you are closely connected with nature, a life tree tattoo is definitely for you. Through its roots it is connected with earth and the goddess of earth. Its branches reach for the sky representing the human spirit that strives for immortality.

The life tree can have the shape of a cherry tree. This design is very popular with women due to its red color and its fine appearance. But even on men, this tree looks spectacular with its flowers. Cherries are a monument of Japanese culture. This tree symbolizes friendship and it is usually done by two friends. It also has many other meanings as well, from friendship and love until death.

The Celtic tree of life, filled with mystic meanings

The Celtic tree of life, also known as Yaggdrasil, is a very popular tattoo design. It symbolizes healthy development and this is why its leaves are green. According to Celtic culture, the branches are associated with family and are also a symbol of hope.

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