77 Cross Tattoos: Symbolic meaning + beautiful designs

IsabellaIsabella Garm | 23 August 2023
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The cross is one of the most classic tattoo designs, and is usually connected with religion. The cross tattoo can have many other meanings depending on its design and in this article we will tell you more about them. Here are 85 great and modern ideas that can inspire you if you are looking to do a cross tattoo. Enjoy!

The cross is an ancient symbol that played a significant role in human history before Christianity. It is comprised of two lines; one horizontal representing the earth, and one vertical, representing the sky. The cross originally symbolized the relationship between the earth and the sky, the human and the divine, or between male and female.

However, that is true only for the classic, Latin cross. There are other types of crosses, such as the Celtic cross  that is enclosed in a circle. It represents eternity and also the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. The Egyptian cross (Ankh) that instead of a line it ends with a curve, symbolizes life and regeneration and the inverted cross is connected with the inversion of Christian values and with the occult. The square cross with the pointy edges was originally a Prussian war sign and it is still considered as a military symbol.

Cross tattoos: meaning and significance

Cross tattoos come in various sizes and varieties and are great for various parts of the body. Whether we are talking about a small, thin tattoo on your hand or your foot or about a big and impressive one on your back or shoulder, the choice is yours. Cross tattoos can be combined with other designs, such as flowers, hearts, inscriptions or circles signifying perfection. The photos in this article can also give you some great design ideas. Cross tattoos are preferred by many stars such as David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Rihanna.

Some famous cross tattoo designs

If you are looking for an original and innovative design, you can make a tree in the same design as a cross reaching its branches up to the sky. This can symbolize the struggle of your soul to reach eternity. Others prefer having a small, distinct cross hidden well inside a word that symbolizes something important for you and gives you strength, no matter the language you are speak. This tattoo will always be there to remind you how strong you are.

Another famous combination is that of a cross with wings. This is a very moving design that means something very powerful and important. Also, crosses can be combined with flowers, having two great designs in one. Last but not least, we see many people with a rosary, either a small and discreet one in their hand or their finger or a bigger one, sometimes with colors, in their feet, as a symbol of their religious nature. Finally, even though cross tattoos are usually black and white, you can add some colors to them or combine them with arrow tattoos.

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